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Launch Creader CRP129X OBD2 Tool 4 System Diagnostic Scanner

Lifetime Free Update

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Launch CRP129X larger 5” touch screen, Fast 7.0 Android, 16G RAM, 6100mah BAT, Upgraded version of Launch CRP129, CRP123X

🚗 Real-time Vehicle Battery Monitoring and Graphing,
🚗 AutoVin; Data Record and Playback; DTC LookUp, Any product issues(incompatibity/defective/return), please feel free to contact LaunchDirect Team. 
🚗 Works on 12V Vehicle Battery ONLY; Must be 16 PIN OBD II Protocol,
🚗 One-Click Lifetime Free Update via WiFi; Automatic Vehicle Health Diagnostic Report,
🚗 Check and Reset DTC Codes, Read Live PCM Data Dtreams for Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS Systems,
🚗 OIL/EPB/SAS/TPMS/Throttle Body Reset 5 Service Functions,
🚗 Support for 9 Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean

What updates have we made on LAUNCH CRP129X obd2 scanner?
➤LAUNCH CRP129X supports 4 system diagnoses & 5 most used functions: OIL/EPB/SAS/TPMS Reset/Throttle Body Matching, while CRP123X and FX2000 only supports 4 system diagnoses.
➤1. LAUNCH CRP129X obd2 scanner fixed more bugs and Upgraded new makes up to 2020 models, works on most OBDI & OBDII cars such as SUV, minivan,12v light-duty truck, and hybrids, but not support the 24v heavy truck.
➤2. LAUNCH CRP129X upgrades the battery from 4000mAh to 6100mAh, CRP129X will work longer time.
➤3. LAUNCH CRP129X obd2 scanner adds the storage of CRP129X from 8G to 16G, and the running memory up to 1.1Ghz, makes the scanner work more faster.
➤4. The screen of LAUNCH CRP129X upgraded to 5-inch HD touch screen. and LAUNCH CRP129X is specially equipped with hot-key, specially Designed for Intensive Work, but other scan tools are not.
➤5. Live data functions of LAUNCH CRP129X can be recorded and they can be played back in text format or graph format. Playback supports two graphs (independent) or 4 PID's graphed (combined).
➤6. Advanced appearance design: the new, larger, screen is easier to read (better contrast, clearer, brighter) and the battery life on the unit is exceptional.
➤7. LAUNCH CRP129X obd2 scanner is more easy to upgrade, one click update online by connecting WIFI.
➤8. LAUNCH CRP129X adds more powerful functions to make your diagnoses and repair more efficient, such as Auto VIN scan, battery volatge display and diagnostic feedback.

  1. 5 Service Reset Functions: OIL/EPB/SAS/TPMS Reset/Throttle Body Matching
  2. 4 System Diagnoses: Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS Systems
  3. Full OBDII Diagnostic Functions: Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness Status, O2 Sensor Diagnosis, On-board Monitor Diagnosis, EVAP System Diagnosis, Component Diagnosis, Accessing Vehicle Information
  4. Auto VIN Scan: Make you identifies cars quickly. To shorten the diagnostic time and help you solve the problem accurately, can quickly scan the vehicle identification number.
  5. (anytime and anywhere via WiFi! No IP limited!) One-click Lifetime Free Update: Load the latest bug fixes, new vehicle models coverage, newly added parameters, and functionality on your scanner.
  6. Online Maintenance Resources: Operating skills, DTC Help, Automotive Technology handbook, Repair Case and How-to Videos.
  7. Live data: can be recorded and played back in text format or graph format. Playback supports two graphs (independent) or 4 PID's graphed (combined).
  8. 9 Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean
  9. 5 Years service; Online Diagnostic Feedback

How can LAUNCH CRP129X Scan Tool Provide Diagnostic Services for you?

4 main system diagnoses enable you to diagnose your vehicles deeply and maintain them in a good condition by reading and erasing DTCs. It also provides you with real-time live data stream in text format or graph format.

  1. Engine System: If there is an engine warning light on your dashboard, you know that an issue happens but might have no idea which exact part the issue is in. Use LAUNCH CRP129X scan tool to help you to access parameters such as engine RPM, engine coolant temperature, air intake humidity, airflow, the voltage of O2 sensor, misfire data, intake manifold pressure, oil pressure, etc. accurately pinpoint the issue, and erase the faulty codes to turn off the light.
  2. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): LAUNCH CRP129X assists you to check the ABS, tell you whether the parameters such as front-wheel speed, rear-wheel speed, lateral acceleration, brake pressure, steering angle sensors, etc. are normal, help you locate and identify the related issue, solve it, and then turn off the light.
  3. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS): Use LAUNCH CRP129X code reader to address the SRS problems which might exist on the seat occupancy sensor, airbags, seat belt pretensioners or airbag sensor, etc., and present the health status of the SRS system via live data stream, avoid potential risks and ensure your driving safety.
  4. Transmission System: LAUNCH CRP129X scan tool enables you to read the parameters on transmission system such as transmission input speed sensor, the transmission kickdown, gearshift lever position, brake pressure, tachometer drive shaft, and clear the faulty codes, keep your vehicles driving smoothly.

Other powerful features:

  • History Data and Report View History records can access the information of previously diagnosed cars. >>>> Quickly manage your customer information, more efficient and professional.
  • Diagnostic Feedback LAUNCH TECH’s engineers will help you troubleshoot problems. >>>> Customized beta version software can be obtained here.
  • Data Stream record and playback :Draw 4in1 real-time graphical data streams to help you view the instantaneous changes of the car's engine/gearbox/abs/srs system. The detailed analysis can be enlarged. >>>> Help improve your diagnostic performance and get more orders. Printable to share with your customers.

Five Special Functions Make LAUNCH CRP129X Cost-effective & Practical:

Apart from other basic OBD2 code reader, the LAUNCH CRP129X scan tool features 5 most commonly used reset functions: Oil/ EPB/ SAS/ TPMS Reset, Throttle Body Adjustment. Save your money and time!

1. Oil Reset: After the oil changing, use the oil reset function to make the warning light disappear.

  • Compatible with Acura(2007-2014),Compatible with Audi(1994-2018),Bentley(Up to 2014),BMW(1996-2015),Borgward(Up to 2016),Bugatti(Up to 2014), Citroen(1997-2017),Compatible with Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2007-2017),Daewoo(Up to 2011),Ferrari(Up to 2014),Fiat(Up to 2015),GM(1996-2016),Honda(2004-2014),Hyundai(2014-2015),Jaguar(2006-2017),KIA(2013-2015),Lamborghini(Up to 2014),Lancia(2001-2014),Landrover(Up to 2016),Maserati(Up to 2014),Mazda(2003-2016),Maybach(Up to 2013),Mercedes Benz(1995-2016),MINI(2000-2015),Mitsubishi(2006-2015),Opel(2002-2017),Peugeot(1997-2016),Proton(Up to 2014),Porsche(2003-2015),Renault(2003-2015),Rolls-Royce(Up to 2010),Romeo(1997-2014),SAAB(2005-2012),SEAT(1993-2016),Skoda(1996-2018),Smart(Up to 2013),Subaru(2008-2012),Suzuki(2007-2016),Vauxhall(2002-2014),Volvo(1992-2017),VW(1989-2017)

2. EPB Reset (Electronic Parking Brake): Assist you to deactivate and activate the brake control unit, open and close the brake cylinder when you change or install brake pads for your vehicles.

  • Compatible with Acura(2007-2014),Compatible with Audi(1994-2018),Bentley(up to 2014),BMW(2002-2015),Borgward(up to 2016),Bugatti(up to 2014),Compatible with Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2014-2018), Citroen(2006-2016),Daewoo(Up to 2011),Ferrari(Up to 2014),Fiat(1999-2014),Ford(2002-2016),GM(2009-2017),Honda(2004-2014),Hyundai(2012-2015),Jaguar(2002-2014),KIA(2011-2015),Lancia(2003-2014),Landrover(2005-2016),Lexus(2007-2015), Maserati(Up to 2014),Maybach(Up to 2014),Mercedes Benz(Up to 2014),MINI(2004-2015),Opel(2012-2017),Peugeot(Up to 2012),Porsche(2009-2015),Renault(2001-2015),Rolls-Royce(Up to 2010),Romeo(2001-2014),SAAB(2010-2012),Scion(Up to 2015),SEAT(1993-2016),Skoda(1993-2018),Vauxhall(2012-2015),Volvo(2007-2017),VW(1996-2017)

3. SAS Reset (Antilock Brake System): Use the scanner to help you control the anti-lock brake system, calibrate the steering angle sensor after disassemble and replacement

  • Compatible with Acura(1996-2014),Compatible with Audi(1994-2018),BMW(1995-2015),Compatible with Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2005-2018),Citroen(1999-2017),Dacia(2004-2008),Deawoo(Up to 2011),Daihatsu(2000-2010),Ferrari(Up to 2014),Fiat(1999-2014),Ford(2006-2014),GM(2007-2017),Honda(2007-2014),Hyundai(2005-2015),Infiniti(2008-2017),Jaguar(Up to 2017),KIA(2006-2015),Lancia(1999-2014),Landrover(Up to 2016),Lexus(Up to 2015),Maserati(Up to 2014),Maybach(Up to 2013),Mazda(2006-2013),Mercedes Benz(1997-2014),MINI(2000-2015),Mitsubishi(2006-2015),Nissan(2002-2018),Opel(2004-2014),Peugeot(1995-2016),Porsche(2005-2015),Renault(2002-2015),Romeo(1997-2014),Scion(2008-2015),SEAT(1993-2016),Suzuki(Up to 2016),Skoda(1993-2018),Smart(Up to 2013),Subaru(2008-2012),Toyota(2004- to 2015),Vauxhall(2004-2014),Volvo(1999-2017),VW(1997-2017)

4. Throttle Body Adjustment: Throttle matching is required after you clean the throttle but the idle speed is unstable or excessively high. CRP129X can tackle the task for you.

  • Compatible with Acura(2007-2014),Compatible with Audi(1994-2018),BMW(1996-2015),Compatible with Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge(2005-2017),Citroen(1991-2016),Dacia(2004-2015),Daewoo(Up to 2011),Fiat(Up to 2014),Ford(1991-2016),Honda(2003-2014),Hyundai(1998-2015),Infiniti(2005-2014),Jaguar(2006-2014),KIA(1999-2015),Lancia(Up to 2014),Landrover(2002-2014),Lexus(Up to 2014),Maybach(2001-2015),Mercedes Benz(1989-2016),MINI(2000-2015),Mitsubishi(2006-2015),Nissan(1994-2015),Opel(2007-2017),Peugeot(1995-2016),Porsche(2003-2015),Renault(1985-2015),Remeo(Up to 2014),SAAB(2005-2012),SEAT(1993-2016),Skoda(1993-2018),SUZUKI(Up to 2011),Toyota(Up to 2014),Volvo(1999-2017),VW(1996-2017)

5. TPMS Reset: This scanner allows the ECU on your vehicles to reset TPMS data after replacing the tire, the tire pressure sensor or the TPMS module.

  • Compatible with Acura(2007-2014),Compatible with Audi(1992-2014),BMW(2003-2015),Citroen(2004-2012),Compatible with Chrysler/Jeep(2006-2017),Ferrari(Up to 2014),fIAT(2003-2010),Ford(1996-2016),Suzuki(2005-2013),Opel(2010),Hyundai(2007-2015),Honda(2007-2014),Infiniti(1995-2015),GM(2013-2017),Jaguar(2004-2015),KIA(2006-2016),Lancia(2002-2014),Landrover(2006-2014),Lexus(2006-2015),Maserati(Up to 2009),Mazda(2000-2016),Mercedes Benz(1995-2014),Mitsubishi(2007-2015),MINI(2004-2015),Nissan(1995-2015),Peugeot(1995-2010),Porsche(2009-2015),Renault(2001-2015),Scion(2007-2015),Seat(2000-2014),Skoda(2006-2011),Smart(Up to 2013),Subaru(2005-2011),Toyota(2004-2015),Volvo(2008-2015),VW(1989-2014)

Extensive Worldwide Vehicle Models Coverage:

Since the Launch has been rooting in the automotive aftermarkets since 1992, it has accumulated a wealth of data on models around the world so as to provide a wide range of compatibility for users. As for the 2021 latest updated version of LAUNCH CRP129X, it has gathered most of the popular vehicle models, which means once you have the scanner in your hand, all you gotta do is to plug in and power on.

Let’s have a look at the list and check out if your vehicle is on it!

  • Asia: Compatible with Acura, Daewoo, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Nissan GT-R, Samsung, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota
  • Europe: Compatible with Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Dacia, Ford EU, Fiat, Jaguar, Lancia, Mercedes, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Land Rover, Citroen, Volvo, VW, Vauxhall
  • USA: Compatible with Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Lincoln
  • Australia: Compatible with Ford Australia, Holden

LAUNCH CRP129X Essential Auto tools for DIY users/family/technicians/car owners in 2021 —— Certification from 50,000 Global technicians

Auto VIN Scan

How many characters in the VIN codes? Don’t you feel it is too long to input manually? The Auto VIN Scan is your savior. Once it is plugged it, everything will be presented on the screen, such as brand, specific model, date of manufacture, address of manufacture, engine code, etc. You will have everything in the palm of your hands! (Warm notice: NOT ALL CARS' VIN can be auto read, some cars you need to be read by using OBDII function.)

One-Click Online Update

To help you and your car keep up with the trends, the LAUNCH CRP129X will notify you once it gets the info of official update. Normally, the update includes model coverage updates, special function updates and interface optimizations. BTW, they are all lifetime free! And you can update it anytime and anywhere via WiFi! No IP limited!

Diagnostic Report—Print It out and Send It out!

After diagnosing the on-board systems, the diagnostic tool automatically generates a report for you. Every minor hidden problem will be revealed. To help you get assistance from your friends or peers, you can send the report to the PC via Wi-Fi and later print it out.

Product Description:

  • Brand: Launch
  • Item Weight: 2.86 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 12.1 x 11.7 x 3.1 inches
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion batteries required
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CRP-129X
1* LAUNCH Creader CRP129X 


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